RB cares for foster care


Destiny Herrera, Staff Reporter


Foster Care Club is a student run club, new to RBHS, and is sponsored by two RBHS teachers, Jill Musil  and Ian Robbins. Their main focus is getting the children from Hephzibah Children’s Association more involved in our community.

This year is the Foster Care Club’s first official year aside from last year when it all started as an idea. Senior Emma Conway started the club to get kids willing to get involved and create memories with other kids their age.

On who should join, Conway said, “Anyone who wants to make a difference in kids’ lives who don’t have as much as they do, or anyone who feels the calling.”

Conway also mentioned how important it is for people to get involved with the club this year since she is a senior and leaving her big idea to be carried on at RB for years to follow. Foster Care Club is looking for anyone who is interested in being involved with a different, kind-hearted environment.

“So far, we have a Friday set up for them to come to a football game, movie nights, and a Bulldog-for-a-Day program so they can experience high school,” Conway said.

Posters and possibly a Twitter account are soon to come for the Foster Care Club to expand the ideas of the members to all of the students here at RB.