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Meet the class of 2020 student board

October 3, 2016

Rahim Kouferidji

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The Student Association (SA) is a student-run committee that plans out activities, spirit weeks, and volunteer work.

A few weeks ago, the freshmen voted for their Student Association class president. This was the first year that instead gathering for a class assembly, the presidential candidates read them over the PA morning announcements.

Kathe Pribyl Pierdinock won, confirming the roster for the 2020 Class Board.

This year, the freshmen SA Board includes the following students: Kathe Pribyl Pierdinock, Lily Lockwood, Avery Bowen, Cameron Winkler, Mary Filec, and Taylor Jurgens.

For anyone who wants to join the SA, they can contact either Ms. Ziola or Ms. Koehler, or they can attend the meetings every Wednesday before school in the Lehotsky Room (201) at 7:20 AM. All students are welcome.

Or as Lily Lockwood put it, “We meet Wednesday mornings in the fishbowl room.”

Read below to learn more about each member.

President – Kathe Pribyl Pierdinock

Rahim Kouferidji

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Pribyl Pierdinock was elected as class president, edging out Lockwood and Filec. This is her fifth year in a student council group. At Hauser, she was elected vice president in 7th Grade, and became president in 8th grade.

The transition from middle school to high school was easy for her.

“My 8th grade teachers prepared me well,” Pribyl Pierdinock said.

Not only that, but she had gone to RB since elementary school for sports.

As president, her jobs include going to board meetings, representing her class, looking out for her peers, and just being the best person she can be. She plans on being very respectful to her peers and their ideas, and bringing great ideas to the table.

Her favorite part of the SA so far is the meetings, as she likes to listen to the different points of view. She says that she’s most excited for Homecoming.

“I’m most excited for homecoming because I think it will be a good way for the freshman to be a part of the school,” said Pribyl Pierdinock.

Vice President – Cameron Winkler

Rahim Kouferidji

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Like all of the other officers, Winkler is involved in a lot of activities and volunteers to set a good example for her peers. In actuality, although they have different titles, they are all part of a collective group that helps make important decisions for school activities.

Winkler is also experienced as she was in the student council at Hauser for 7th and 8th grade.

When asked how she felt about being vice president, Winkler stated, “I don’t know, it’s a little soon to tell, but I’m really glad that I decided to be apart of it.”

Her transition to high school was a lot easier than she thought, as the people at RB made everything seem more normal to her. Personally, she plans on getting more people involved in student activities.

“My favorite part of Student Association is getting involved with the school and making a difference,” Winkler said.

She is most excited for the spirit weeks and volunteering for lunch activities, and she thinks that spirit week is a good and fun way of getting involved.

“As far as volunteering goes, I think that doing something for your school is one of the best things you can do as a student. It’s important to leave the school better than when you came here,” Winkler said.

Secretary – Avery Bowen

Rahim Kouferidji

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Although this is Bowen’s first time on student council, she is hoping to make changes to help better her freshman class.

Since the elections were so recent, Bowen does not have any specific jobs as secretary yet. That aside, she still plans on bringing her positive attitude and an open mind.

So far, her favorite part is planning for Homecoming and she is excited for other projects yet to come. However, she enjoys it because she likes the people she gets to work with.

“It makes me feel like a very big part of my freshman class,” she replied when asked how she felt about being a secretary.

Treasurer – Taylor Jurgens

Rahim Kouferidji

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Jurgens’ transition from middle school to high school was pretty easy since her middle school teachers prepared her well. Also, everyone was welcoming, including her older siblings who attend RB.

Jurgens has been in the student council before, but finds that she has more of a voice in the SA at RB. She finds her position to be fun, as she loves sharing her ideas and being creative. Also, it helps her to be able to talk with the older board members.

As a treasurer, she attends office board meetings so that they can discuss ideas that will benefit the school.

Her favorite part of SA is having knowledge about what’s going on in the school, as well has having a say in it, too. Personally, she is most excited for Homecoming.

“I plan on bringing 110%,” Jurgens said.

Appointed Officer – Mary Filec

Rahim Kouferidji

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Although she tried student council at her elementary school, this year marks Filec’s return to a student government position.

Filec says on her transition, “It wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t too worried because I had three older siblings who went here, and I still have one who’s going here right now. I wasn’t too worried because I knew he would be here.”

She is, of course, talking about her brother Frankie Filec, who is the Student Executive Board President.

Filec enjoys being an appointed officer, even though she is a little disappointed that she did not win the position of president. She’s still optimistic as she knows that she can work her way up.

As an appointed officer, she meets with the other board members and also helps out with painting murals and posters. However, she’s most excited for prom because she wants to impress the older students and help them have a great prom.

Filec plans on bringing positivity and new ideas to the table.

Appointed Officer – Lily Lockwood

Rahim Kouferidji

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Along with Filec, Lockwood was a presidential candidate. She was also in student council during 7th and 8th grade.

In 7th grade, she was the board treasurer, and in 8th grade, she ran for president and lost.

Her jobs are meeting with the other board members and reciprocating the class’s feelings.

Going into high school was easy for her. She felt that her teachers prepared her well, and she likes her classes and has made some new friends.

“I feel kind of honored. Well, I mean, all classes have their appointed officers, but I feel like it’s a really good way to get to know everyone because I’m a representative for the class,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood is a member of a lot of activities, so she feels like she can bring opinions from a lot of different people with varying interests.

Her favorite part is being able to make decisions within a group of people. Lockwood is most excited for the spirit weeks and the dances.

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