RB SA confronts fake spirit days


Hailey Paisker

Students dress up for Tropical Tuesday.

Evan Moyer , Staff Reporter

Last week, a group of students made their own Spirit Week, and it widely spread through Snapchat. 

My initial reaction to the fake spirit week was frustration and disappointment,” said Angela Ziola, Student Association sponsor. “The SA members put a lot of time and effort into planning the spirit week, and it was such a shame to hear that a few students tried to ruin the plans of many.”

SA was able to make the real spirit days clear to the student body.

“We addressed the fake Spirit Week right away over the PA and through our Twitter account. I am extremely pleased that, now that the week has begun, many students are participating in our theme days,” said Ziola.

This year’s Spirit Week is jungle-themed. Along with the themed days, SA is holding a penny pinch project to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.