Generations for Life comes to RB


Audrey Pekny, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday October 25th, John Jansen from Generations for Life, a pro-life organization, came to RB to discuss being pro-life and what it means. He also discussed common responses and arguments from people of opposing sides, and much more.

 Jansen was raised in a Catholic home and was always told that abortion was murder and that there were no circumstances that could change the pro-life stance on abortion.

“I went to a Catholic school, and in second grade I had a teacher that told us that abortion was murder and wrong, and that was that,” said Jansen.

Although Jansen went to a Catholic school and was raised Catholic, he says that abortion is not a religious issue, it is a human rights issue.

“You have as much right now as you did when you were conceived. You were the same person you were the moment of conception as you are now,” said Jansen.

A big argument or concern that pro-choice people commonly share is the idea that sometimes abortion is needed for the safety and well being of a woman carrying the baby.

“There is never actually a time where abortion is directly needed to save a mother’s life. But, we uphold that there is a fundamental difference between an abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life on the mother even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child,” says the Dublin Declaration- an organization trying to illegalize abortion and spread the message that abortion is not ever needed for medical reasons.

Jansen discussed many examples that could be used when talking to someone of the opposing side.

“There is one called ‘trout out a toddler’. Ask someone a reason someone would get an abortion, then ask them if that same exact reason is still valid when looking at a two or three year old. If it is not still valid, then it was never valid in the first place,” said Jansen.

He says these techniques can help you come to a better understanding of a person of the opposing side.

“I think he gave a good, thorough definition when talking about a baby versus us. I think he gave good examples. He explained very well that abortion is just a word and there is a baby and a woman involved,” said Marianne Swon, the sponsor of Bulldogs for Life for the past eight years.

Although Swon says there were many aspects of the presentation that went well, she says some parts could be improved.

“I just wish he (Jansen) went more into detail about the effects abortion could have on a woman. Both physical and mental effects. But overall I think he was really great and I would love to have him back,” said Swon.