Toys Were Us


Ella Riseman

Toys R Us Jeffrey the Giraffe

Alexis Leone, Staff Reporter

Many remember the feeling of excitement when those big colorful letters and the friendly-looking giraffe with a welcoming smile came into view. It was almost every kid’s dream to visit there, whether if it was because you got good grades on a report card or saved up your money. To run around through the isles and just go nuts, some parents’ wallets would scream in terror but it was okay because that visit was a special moment. For many years, Toys R Us was a place that many children claimed as their wonderland.

Founded in April 1948, almost 70 years ago, Toys R Us had been just the right spot for holiday shopping or others. Recently this childhood nostalgia has come to an end. On June 29, 2018, Toys R Us offered one last day to shop at their stores, with sales up to 90% off on everything, The store was shut down due to bankruptcy.

Toys R Us is not the only widespread retailer to be executed. Many other retailers are suffering currently as well, including the following: Sports Authority, JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears, American Eagle Outfitters, Target and hey, remember Borders? The bookstore?  

Why is this happening? Now that the years are going by, we have been coming up with newer ways to do things with the convenience of online shopping, many no longer feel the need to actually go outside. What’s the need if there is Amazon? Supermarkets, Blue Apron, even Costco began suffering once Amazon obtained a Whole Foods deal. This whole mess that stole Toys R Us and what may take the lives of many more has been called “Death By Amazon.” As Amazon’s rates skyrocket the originally known stores are starting to plummet hard as more people are persuaded that online shopping is the way to go.

The business is not the only factor in this situation being affected. Almost 800 Toys R Us stores across the US closed down and we could only imagine how many employees there were working there who had to move on and find new jobs once the closing decision had been made.

It is understandable that many find online shopping is something more enjoyable. The internet is a place where better deals can be snatched than what you can find in the actual store itself and the question asked may just be “Why does this matter? Things change, why should we care?” 

Online shopping is simply being overused to a point where we are relying on the online world to drive us places or to bring us groceries to our doorstep. It is agreeable that yes, the online world can be useful for some, but not most things. This power is being abused and could be narrowed. The old fashioned way can still be a good way to roll, shopping in person and giving the well-known retailers some slack. Because what’s going to happen when the new generation rolls around and they don’t know what it’s like to run around in a large toy store and beg their parents for a box of Legos?  The world may never get to experience that feeling of growing up and visiting the toy store. Life is way more than a click of a mouse, folks. Just because we have technology doesn’t mean we need to rely on it for everything.