What high schoolers actually wear


Ashley Whigam

Popular brands and styles seen and worn by the students at RB.

Ashley Whigam, Staff Reporter

If there is one thing that takes part in the drastic change that many teenagers experience in high school, it is their sense of style and fashion choices. During this influential time, they discover their favorite way to dress and the brands they love the most.

While many high schoolers are seen wearing popular brands like Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, many students have taken up discovering new brands that are currently trending among the teenage population in society. 

“Lululemon is definitely the most popular brand right now,” said sophomore Amanda DiForti. “Their leggings are so comfortable and I work out in their clothes.”

While Lululemon is one of the most popular places to shop for leggings, some girls like to find outfit inspiration at Urban Outfitters. Junior Hannah Smith is very fond of the shop. 

“My favorite place to shop is Urban Outfitters because they always have good deals in their clearance section,” Smith said. “I try to go for a retro look with the mom jeans.”

While lots of students wear popular brands that you may typically see at the mall, others like to shop at lesser-known stores. Junior Julian Franco likes to take style to the next level and stand out among the crowd of known brands. 

“The brand I like the most is called Vetement,” Franco said. “I think it is really bold and abstract.”

Franco is not the only student with a personal favorite. Senior Jack Stivers is also known for wearing unseen brands. 

“My favorite brand is Salem,” Stivers said. “I like it because it is different and something not everyone wears.” 

Junior Eva Funaki is also known for standing out among the crowd with her unique and diverse sense of fashion. She has her own personal go-to shops for her style. 

“My favorite brand is Sugar Thrills. It is a brand from Dolls Kill but I think that brand is really cute in general. I really like the aesthetic they have, it is really cutesy and at the same time edgy, and I like that.” Funaki said.

While many brands old and new are still popular among this generation, some are starting to lose their popularity spark. Brandy Melville was founded in Italy by Silvio Marsan and his son, Stephan Marsan. Their product was released in 1970 and was aimed towards women and young girls in the fashion industry. While it was popular back in the ‘70s, the brand has seemed to lose its spark in recent years. 

“Brandy Melville I would cut because they’re not inclusive and their sizes don’t fit everyone,” DiForti said. 

“I will cut brandy Melville because they carry what all the other stores have and it’s pretty basic,” said junior Hannah Smith. 

Seeing as Brandy Melville is slow to keep up with the current fashion trends, teens have taken an interest in lately. 

While many brands and trends have come and gone over the past couple of years. One thing that never seems to die off or fade away, is this generation’s unique and elaborate sense in having its own kind of style.