Cheer season paused

Reana Hummel, Staff Reporter

After an offseason full of confusion, the IHSA has finally made its decision on the cheer season. They announced winter sports will be postponed for the time being. 

On November 18th, RB principal Dr. Hector Freytas sent an email informing both parents and students that there will be a pause to all winter sports. This affects many of the sports seasons at RB, including Cheer. 

Because the season is coming to a pause, both RB Football and Basketball team will have to postpone their season because the cheer team does mostly play an important part in the football and basketball teams.

“I am sad that we couldn’t have a season but I know that that’s what we had to do in our current situation,” freshman Bridget Roudebush said.  

Many students are upset because of the pause,  but they all know that it is definitely for the best.

If winter sports do in fact resume, the remaining seasons will most likely lead into the spring and possibly the summer, which could mean a shorter summer for those who are participating in RB sports this year.  But if COVID-19 cases continue to rise as they are right now, and a vaccine takes longer than expected, moving winter sports may not be an option. 

“I think there is a possibility of there being a season in the spring, hopefully COVID-19 cases will start to go down so it is safe for us to practice again,” freshman Genna Dinatale, who made the junior varsity cheer team, said. 

But with there being a high risk of contracting the virus,  students are disappointed that their seasons are being paused. 

“Sadly since cheer has been canceled for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I still get a good work out in and stretch every day, just so I’m ready if the season can safely start again,” Dinatale said.  

Even with sports being postponed, students are still staying active and staying positive to keep a persisting mindset through these challenging times.

“I do extra tumbling classes outside of RB to keep up with my cheer skills, and to be ready in case there is a season,” freshman Mae Medilis, another freshman on the JV cheer team, said. 

The pandemic hasn’t just affected cheerleading, as it has affected football, basketball, dance, poms, and much more. 

“The pandemic has certainly impacted all sports this year. Not just for cheer but the football and basketball seasons are being canceled as well, which I know most people are not happy about including the players, as well as the fans,” freshman Cali Medilis, also a freshman on the JV cheer team said. 

Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on winter sports at RBHS. Many students have shown their frustration, but all agree that this is the proper way to keep all staff, students, and parents healthy through these challenging times. With all hope for a season in spring, it may be possible if we follow all guidelines and continue to wear proper PPE. 


Correction: An earlier version of this article mischaracterized the pause to winter sports as a cancellation. We have also changed the headline to reflect this.