Fine Arts Survey no longer graduation requirement at RB


William Kraft

List of classes with Fine Arts Survey crossed off

John Shay, Editor

Fine Arts Survey has been a graduation requirement class at Riverside Brookfield High School until recently. In July of 2020, the decision was made by the Curriculum Advisory Council to remove Fine Arts Survey as a graduation requirement at RBHS.  

Fine Arts Survey is a class that combines four different types of arts: dance, music, theater, and art, into a one semester class that gives students a sample of each arts. The class was meant to allow younger students to see if they had an interest in any of the arts so that they could take a class related to that interest in the following years. However, many of the students in the class are seniors taking the class so that they can graduate. 

One of the reasons Fine Arts Survey was removed as a graduation requirement is so that Seniors can have more flexibility when choosing classes that interest them.

“I have pulled data on Fine Arts Survey numbers for the past few years — the majority of the students in the course have been seniors who are trying to squeeze in the graduation requirement because they have not found the path to waive it.  I think these students will likely pick a class more in line with their interests and future goals — for some that might be a different Fine Arts class that is more specialized, like Madrigals, AP Studio Art, or Dance – but for others it may be Applied Zoology or AP Statistics.  We want students to have that choice when they are seniors — especially since, as seniors, students have a pretty clear idea about what they like and what they want to do next,” said Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction Kylie Lindquist.

Not only will the decision provide more flexibility to Seniors. It will also allow for all students to have less constraint on what classes they want to take throughout high school.

“The shift in graduation requirements was made to remove constraints on students.  In other words, we were looking to provide students with opportunities for more choice in their 4-year programming so students can take any/all of the classes in which they are interested.  We wanted students to be able to pursue what they are passionate about and what will best prepare them for their next step after RB,” Lindquist said. 

Although the amount of students taking Fine Arts Survey may dip, the Fine Arts teachers will likely see boosts in enrollment in other Fine Arts classes.

There are so many other options for students to choose from if they do not choose Fine Arts Survey — they might choose another fine arts course and numbers would grow there.  Each Fine Arts Survey teacher has only one Fine Arts Survey class and the remainder of their classes are more specialized.  If Fine Arts Survey doesn’t run, those teachers will teach more of their specialized classes instead,” Lindquist said.

Overall, this decision will be both beneficial to students and teachers alike.  The removal of Fine Arts Survey from graduation requirements will allow RB students to have more flexibility throughout their tenure at high school, and Fine Arts teachers will likely see a boost in enrollment in their other arts related classes.