New video game consoles drum up hype


William Kraft

Person shown playing the new Playstation 5 console.

Eric Rangel, Staff Reporter

As the holiday season begins, more and more people are looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family. One of the most common gifts many people are asking Santa for is a new PS5 or Xbox Series X. These new consoles have been taking a spot on some of the new highest selling products on the market, but continue to be one of the most scarce products as well. For the reviews of best gaming headphones available in the market, visit

The new console generation is being marketed as a big deal in the world of gaming. With features like a new SSD for much faster loading times, 4K resolution, and much more quality of life changes, it’s clear why so many of the new systems have been highly sought after. After just being released to the public in November, many listings of the console have been sold out or aren’t available for any given amount of time. Combined with the effects COVID-19 has had on both the supply and the consumer’s quarantining, being able to secure a gaming console at launch is much harder than any previous console launches.

“We weren’t able to preorder the console,”  junior Owen Burnett said. “Instead, my brother followed a Twitter account that told him when certain stores were rumored to have the PS5 in stock, so we waited for that time and refreshed the page over and over.”

One of the massive talking points about the new systems many people have been talking about is the new designs for the consoles. Many users compare the Xbox Series X to a massive fridge with its huge rectangular design, to the point where Microsoft sent some people a massive fridge with a coat of paint to make it look like the console. The PS5 has been compared to an internet router with its massive design.

“I personally don’t like the design of the PS5. Sony tried too hard to be “futuristic”, so it looks out of place in my living room,” Burnett said. 

One of the massive improvements for the Playstation consoles would be the new “Duelsense” controller. The controller has a reworked design much different than any past Sony controller matching the white design of the PS5 console itself, with huge features like triggers that fight back against you and can adapt to different scenarios like pulling a bow on a string, rumble that immerses the player into the game, and a vastly improved battery life.

“The PS5 controller is so much better,” Burnett said. “The new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers feel really nice, so does the new matte finish. I didn’t like the “futuristic” design when it first got revealed, but it looks so good in person.”

With the new consoles and games on the horizon for all gaming companies, many different experiences are going to be released as time passes like Cyberpunk 2077 and Far Cry 6. While not everyone may own the same consoles, many different games will be released on all consoles that will bring many people together in a time of division.