Robby Filec

April 3, 2014

Compromise is very important when you try to accomplish a goal with two sides who won’t yield and are arguing over a very controversial subject, such as concealed carry. I am a firm believer in the right to bear arms. It is our 2nd Amendment, and the need for self defense is very important at times. However, this doesn’t mean anyone can walk around with a gun, wherever they go. Background checks should be high priority, and large magazine capacities are not necessary either.

To outlaw guns entirely is ridiculous.  The bad guys, gangsters, thugs, etc. will always get a gun, and they certainly won’t be concerned about carrying a permit for it. Now with 3-D printers, who knows what is possible to make, such as printable firearms? So really the only people who are being affected are the law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves.

I don’t believe RB should post the no guns sign on school doors, because if someone is carrying a gun with malicious intent, they will not be deterred by a sign. In fact, the sign being there would only reinforce the fact that the shooter would have an upper hand because there would be nobody firing back at him.

Does that mean anyone with a gun should go into RB? No, it does not. As far as guns in RB go, I don’t belive it would be wise to arm teachers, because the atmosphere in the school would have potential to be very negative, and it does not seem like the right thing to do. The most beneficial thing would probably be to have a police officer at school, as they would be a welcome presence to help with some of the disturbances in the hallway, and someone who is trained with a gun and has experience with it. However, RB is a very safe school and has handled all intruder and lockdowns very professionally. That also doesn’t mean RB should keep the no gun signs up either.

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