by Marc Helgeson | November 20, 2017 7:22 pm

I am beyond grateful for the life that I am living. I am grateful for my  babysitter that did CPR on me in a parking lot. When I was a baby I was very sick for a long time. I was missing a muscle in my throat which caused me to stop breathing many times. I actually only left the hospital a few times until I was three. A time that I was out of the hospital I had a very trusted babysitter watching me. I suddenly began to get sick and could not breathe. She immediately knew something was wrong so she drove me to my mom who was in class at the hospital. When we got to the hospital I had completely stopped breathing. My babysitter then began CPR on me when we got to the hospital parking lot. My mom came running out and began to do CPR while running to the emergency room. I am also very grateful to my mom for doing that. This happened three more times in the years after. I technically died all of those times. If it was not for my mom, babysitter, and the amazing doctors I had, I would not be alive today. Although I was too young to remember these exact situations, my mom has told me about them many times. I am so glad that I have been happy, healthy, and enjoying life for 17 years instead of two.

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