by Marc Helgeson | November 20, 2017 6:01 pm

This Thanksgiving season I am thankful for laughter. Everyone has their own laugh that you can identify down the hallway. It can start and strengthen friendships, it can relieve tension, and it is a universal language everyone can understand and participate in. I can honestly say that the times I spend laughing are the best parts of my day, whether I’m laughing at something funny, something that happened a long time ago but still manages to crack me up, or laughing at someone else’s laugh it never fails to be a highlight of my day. There are so many times when I’m with my friends or family, that one person starts laughing at something and everyone joins in and we’re all sitting with each other dying of laughter with tears rolling down our face. These are the times that I am so happy that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. These are the times that I remember when I’m looking at my phone and see the wallpaper that reminds me of the times spent rolling on the floor laughing and crying. These times spent laughing with the people I love make me grateful for the laughter and memories that they have brought into my life.

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