Tim Buckley


Hailey Paisker

I am sitting under the basket during the LT Game

Tim Buckley, Staff Reporter

On the night of December 1, I became a real reporter for a night. Hailey Paisker and I were invited to take photos at the Chicago Elite Classic for the Riverside Brookfield basketball game against Lyons Township High School. And it was an experience, something that any high school journalist wishes to participate in.

For me, it was something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to be one of the people at the games taking photos on the court, it felt like I could be apart of the game.

From sitting on the court and talking photos with people from major news sources, it was amazing. Getting compliments from other photographers about how it’s great that I actually wanted to spend my Friday night doing something they do for a living.

In addition to taking photos on the court, sitting in on an actual press conference was awesome. Although it was extremely loud and you couldn’t hear a thing, it felt awesome. Knowing that I was doing what some people wish they could do for a living.

Even getting compliments from Coach Reingruber was amazing. He told me that it was awesome that we came to cover them because most high school journalists wouldn’t get the chance, and that we were dedicated to our work.

Being an actual journalist for a night had to end, but it was one of the best experiences from my current high school year. And hopefully it will continue in the future.