Che’mari Kent

So This Is The End Huh? I remember being younger and I would watch High School Musical and say “Oooh I can’t wait to go to high school!” These past four years flew by and I’m kind of disappointed because it was nothing like High School Musical, Oh Well! So on another note, after staying up late nights, waking up early in the morning, debating if I wanted to actually attend school most of the time, studying all night, and being stressed out I still made it. The start of my junior year my dad was murdered. When my dad left physically I left mentally I wanted to give up. I stopped caring about my grades and everything started going downhill. After a while I had to think to myself “would my dad be proud of me right now?” and to answer the question, NO! He would’ve been devastated knowing that my study habits dropped. So I used that as motivation to keep going, I brought my grades back up and I even graduated a semester early. I joined Clarion senior year to gain further knowledge because I’ll be majoring in Mass Communications in college. I accomplished so much within my high school career but I’m still stuck between “I’m proud of myself” and “I gotta go a little harder”. It’s time to officially walk across the stage and it’s a very bittersweet moment. These past four year I’ve created bonds with so many people, including teachers and now we’re all going our separate ways. We went from seeing and talking to each other every other day to now seeing each other on breaks and with our busy college schedules taking once or twice a month. I just want to thank not only my family but my friends and teachers as well for helping me get through this journey. Now the new chapter begins….

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