Isabel Hughes

by Isabel Hughes | May 24, 2019 12:47 pm

I be that I-Z-Z-Y, put my name in bold.

No bolds, no italics, no underlining—that’s tacky. Sure, adjust the leading or color contrast. Change it from Times New Roman, 10 point font too, please.

Allow everyone to read it for themselves.

Let Mr. Perry see the hard working person I am who usually chooses to spend their nights watching a movie with Mom. And let me see the kindness he displays, even when the break of the green isn’t going his way.

Let Mom and Dad see a girl shaped by the idea that anything is possible. And let them see the wreckage that remains when that girl learns that no, not everything is possible. But let me see the power within to be able to overcome any struggle.

Let my friends see someone who loves deeply and appreciates everything. And please, make me see that nothing can be taken for granted.

Let them see what they see. Because I am my own, whoever that may be.


Who that, who that, I-Z-Z-Y

That do that, do that, I-Z-Z-Y

Who that, who that, I-Z-Z-Y


Yet while I am my own, I still find myself lifting words from others.


Some of these phrases were derived from Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”

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