Geltner’s Classroom

“I like to get my students to think, not just about math,” Math teacher Geoff Geltner said.

Geltner’s classroom walls are plastered with _____.

I don’t remember when I started doing it. I think for as long as I’ve been a teacher, I’ve always put stuff up on the board, like something as simple as just my availability. I’ve always tried to get students to read what’s up there. Having a fact of the day, I’ve been doing that since my very, very first day. I’m a weird person so I like having weird, strange things that get kids to come in and read and just have different facts and knowledge on the board.

I get a lot of strange looks, which is exactly what I’m going for sometimes. A lot of people love the memes and stuff that are on there just because they’re funny. But the stuff that I like the most are some of the things that are either inspirational or I just have different suggestions for life that promote knowledge. So any of the stuff that actually, really makes people read, if I have people that read that, most of the time they’ll say, “Wow. That was really neat, I’m glad I read that.”


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