Photo courtesy of Nick Sacharski.

Nick Sacharski practicing Tennis.

Boys Tennis: Nick Sacharski

Every student athlete at Riverside Brookfield High School and across the country has to balance their school work and practicing their athletics, but few do it as good as Nick Sacharski. Sacharski, a Sophomore at RB has not only managed to maintain straight A’s through his first three semesters of high school, holding the highest GPA in the class of 2022, but has also put in the work to become one of RB’s best tennis players.

“I make time for both Tennis and studying, doing homework, everything I need to do to stay on top of my things and make sure I keep getting the grades I get,” Sacharski said.

While some may see having commitments outside of school as being detrimental to their grades, Sacharski doesn’t think so.

“I wouldn’t say [it is harder to keep up my grades during tennis season] so, because a lot of the time I just go home and take some downtime anyway, so it’s pretty much the same as during the season, when I take that time to play Tennis and then go home and do my work,” Sacharski said

Sacharski, who has been playing Tennis for two years now and played on the varsity team as a Freshman believes that keeping his grades up is more important than practicing for tennis. However, he also believes that it is necessary to do something fun, in his case play tennis to balance with schoolwork.


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