Smash Bros. most enjoyable characters according to me

by Chloe Floros | January 31, 2020 12:09 pm

Super Smash Bros is home to a fairly large roster of playable characters. It’s guaranteed that there is a character that fits your own personal play style. However, I would like to recommend a few that I think are pretty strong fighters and a blast to play in-game. 

My all-time favorite character to play is Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr is the son of infamous Mario villain, Bowser. In Smash, each character has a variety of costumes and color schemes to choose from. Bowser Jr. is a bit special in that instead of having multicolored outfits, you’re given the choice between the Koopalings. 

Koopalings are the other spawns of Bowser. There’s Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Lemmy, Ludwig, and (the only one even worth playing) Roy. Roy is a rad little dude, the absolute mad lad rocks pink sunglasses while fighting. His series of character-specific attacks is what I consider to be the cherry on top.

All Koopalings, no matter which one you’re playing, have their own corresponding clown-themed kart. The karts are what you use when fighting, the cart opens revealing tools used to attack such as the kart throwing a flurry of punches, or two drills that can potentially pinch your opponent in between them. The Koopalings are quite well-rounded characters in my opinion. I recommend giving them a chance.

Another one of my favorite characters to play is the villager from Animal Crossing. I loved playing Animal Crossing as a kid growing up and being able to play them in smash is really cool, considering it looks like such a sweet innocent game that you’d never expect villager to be in a fighting game. All the moves Villager has are quite creative too. They use actions you’d be able to do in Animal Crossing such as smash attacks, like planting, watering and chopping a tree down, or taking something and putting it in your inventory. Villager is someone I like to play just based on past memories with their respective game (Animal Crossing).

The last character I really enjoy is Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is this small pink puffball who I find extremely fun to play mostly because of an attack called “rest”, where you put your opponent to sleep and have an open window for a heavier attack. I find it really exciting and intense when you land a game-winning rest that decides the match out of pure luck just gives the good vibes. It’s a good feeling and you’re able to put a sleeping hat on him which is just another reason on its own.

Smash Bros. is jam-packed with characters to play so even if we don’t share the same opinions on who’s the best to play, there’s bound to be someone that suits your interests.

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