Day #25: Friday, April 10, 2020

Another day of quarantine distractions

April 11, 2020


Ever since this quarantine started, my brother had been making fun of me because I always asked my mom to be home schooled. But now that I am actually “home schooled”, I admit that I hate it. The assignments that teachers normally give us a few days to do at school are now due at midnight for online learning. 

My plan for today was to make up assignments that I did not complete from the past days because it’s a non-attendance day for the school. However, my plan failed the minute I woke up at 12 pm and was too lazy to get up. I was about to get up from my bed when I got a text from a friend telling me I should watch the new Netflix series “Tiger King”. I decided to stay in bed a bit longer and see what the hype is about. The next thing I knew….it was 4 pm. 

After I finished watching Netflix, I was yet distracted again, after I got a text from my future roommate that our university room selection for Fall 2020 has been delayed. I was doing research on the Covid-19 statistics to see if cases are dropping, because my biggest fear at the moment is not being able to attend my first year of college. After seeing the number of the current Covid-19 cases, I hopelessly gave up and tried to think of plan B. What other school can I go to where I can do online learning for a cheaper price?  

I realized thinking about college stressed me out too much. So I went to annoy my Westiepoo who was laying on the couch with my mom. I’ve been annoying my dog since quarantine started, and I can tell  that he’s the only one who hates quarantine more than me. And so another day ended without me finishing my e learning assignments.

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