Day #31: Thursday, April 16, 2020

by Rahim Kouferidji | April 17, 2020 1:08 pm

Quarantine has made me realize how much we all take school for granted. Staying inside not really able to do anything is a weird feeling, and as each day passes by, it still doesn’t feel right to me. 

My day starts around 10:45 AM, waking up, signing in for my attendance, looking at what work I have to do for the day, then going back to sleep for two more hours. Once I wake up again, I start working on my work for the day. Once I complete my work, I eat dinner then go on Xbox, which I proceed to play Madden and NBA 2K for hours upon hours. I probably play for too long, and that statement is backed up by me falling asleep at 5 AM every “night.”

I didn’t really realize how serious this quarantine was until school was cancelled again even longer. I realize how many things I took for granted in my own life; and how much different my life is now with quarantine. On the off chance I do go out, the vibe outside feels completely different than what it did before Coronavirus hit the U.S. 

Although quarantine hasn’t been my favorite time, I have made it the best I can make it. I have started spending more time with my family and having more quality conversations with them. My friends and I talk more than we did before, we call almost every night, talk about our day, and just have a fun time talking with each other.

Once this quarantine is over, I feel like I will look at everything a bit different, not take things for granted like I used to do. But until then, I will be chilling inside throwing touchdowns in Madden, and popping threes in NBA 2K.

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