Day #44: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

by Marc Helgeson | April 30, 2020 12:33 pm

Ah, yes. Springtime is finally here, and what better way to ring in the last leg of the school year than to finish school from home…with a foot of snow outside. My school in Minnesota has been in quarantine since mid-March and things are looking a little different up north. 

This quarantine was very shocking to me. I am aware of the severity of a pandemic, but the day before we started online school, I was sick and stayed home from school. (Upset stomach, don’t worry) So now, my gym clothes and shoes are rotting away in a locker for the rest of eternit— I mean quarantine. But if that’s my largest issue, I feel grateful. 

The beginning of quarantine was quite nice actually. The weather fluctuated between the high 50s and low 60s. A lot of hammocking ensued. In true Minnesotan fashion, the weather did a 180 and it was snowing less than 24 hours later. 

Minnesota governor Tim Walz does not think we will return to school this year, but every single teacher I have is convinced that we will be re-entering for the last two or three weeks. 

A typical day as a Minnesotan quarantiner goes like this:

School begins at 9:30. We have block scheduling that alternates every other day. On A days we attend odd numbered class periods and on B days we attend even numbered class periods. 

After looking out the window and contemplating why I moved to a snow infested land, I normally grab my school iPad and check my email to see if we have any google meets (a safer version of zoom). Between the first and third period, I normally run downstairs (at a pace that would rival Usain Bolt because we do not have passing periods) to grab some type of food. After heading back upstairs, I attend my class. If I’m being honest this consists of an hour of a teacher lecturing, followed by busy work. Not the most fun, but it’s better than having to give presentations every day. After school ends, I usually still have a good hour of homework to do. After that, it depends on the day. Some days, when I’m feeling particularly productive, I will workout. Other days I will watch Netflix until 2 am. This new “normal” has definitely been an adjustment, but I am happy to be home and safe. As cheesy and overused as it is, April distance brings May existence. STAY HOME!

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