Gemma Nishimura

AP Chemistry


*No Clarion staff members have taken this course. RB Senior and AP Chem student Remy Hilpp was interviewed to attain information on the class.

What are some of the main concepts that are covered in AP Chem?

Many of the concepts you learn in honors chemistry are gone into more depth and complexity in AP Chem. You cover topics like thermodynamics, equilibrium, kinetics, acids and bases, chemical reactions, and molecular and ionic compounds structures and properties. Some of these topics can be very interesting and Melquist makes learning them quite fun. 

How heavy is the workload?

You get multiple worksheets throughout the week, but most of them are not due until the quiz or test that covers them. Many times Melquist will go over some of the questions on the worksheets though. In order to do well on assessments you have to study a lot and know how to do your worksheets front and back. 

How often do you take tests and quizzes?

You normally have one quiz per week, but they are normally only a few questions. Tests are more like every two weeks and split up between a multiple choice and FRQ test.

What does an average day/week look like in Chem?

We take a lot of notes and do a lot of examples. When we are not taking notes, we are usually doing a lab for about two days. Melquist likes to take one part of a test or quiz for one half of the period and then do notes for the other half. Sometimes we work in groups to complete worksheets. 

How does it compare to honors chem?

The rate at which you learn material is much faster. The questions you have are much wordy and therefore can be less straightforward and more confusing. The amount of time you need to study is greater for sure. However, if you did well in honors chemistry and enjoyed it, then AP Chemistry is something you should consider.

How would you describe your difficulty level in Chem?

AP Chem is definitely one of the more challenging AP Classes, but more so because of the content you are learning. Melquist is a great teacher which makes understanding the material much easier. You will need to get extra help at times more frequently than your other classes.

Do you know anything about what the AP test is like?

The AP exam is known to be very difficult. Only 56.1% of students pass the AP Chemistry exam. However, Melquist takes the AP exam every year to see what is on it and what the questions are like, making him very knowledgeable about what the test is going to look like. 

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