Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Hailey Paisker

Students cheer during class competitions at the fall sports pep rally.

The impact of school spirit…

As school spirit seems to come and go over the years, we have noticed that enthusiasm throughout the student body within their individual activities correlates with the coming and going of school spirit. In each of the following articles, we express how school spirit impacts the individual within their extracurricular commitments. Each staff member and editor within the third period Clarion staff wrote a personal piece explaining how school spirit (or lack thereof) enhances or diminishes their involvement within their sport or club. Following the individual articles, some staff members also expressed their personal opinions on the general topic of school spirit.

As you read these articles, please consider these stories as part of a larger mosaic about supporting your community and making your school a more acceptable and positive place.

…from the sidelines
…from the balance beam
…from the studio
…from the stage
…from your best buds
…from the band
…from the football field
…from boys’ track and field
…from the badminton court
…from one volleyball court
…from another volleyball court
…from the soccer field
…from the mats
…from girls’ track and field
…from the ones in the bleachers
…from the community
…from someone who is offering solutions
…from someone who doesn’t care

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