The Clarion is Riverside | Brookfield High School’s only student run newspaper. It exists to accomplish these goals:

  • To document daily student life.
  • To inform students and staff.
  • To encourage open dialogue.
  • To explore controversial issues fairly.
  • To uphold ethical standards and the truth.
  • To examine how world and community issues affect the school.
  • To publicize school accomplishments.
  • To feature unique students, staff, activities, and events.
  • To teach Clarion members fundamentals of journalism in action.
  • To entertain our readers.


The Clarion began with the inception of the school in 1908.  While the staff still produces a hard copy newspaper, it migrated onto the web to become a 90+% web-based publication in 2007.  Decisions motivating the change were to be more timely, more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, and more in-line with current trends in real world journalism.

The first version of the online Clarion was produced using hand-coded HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver, but the paper moved onto the School Newspapers Online CMS backbone in the 2008-2009 school year.

National Awards:
(CSPA = Columbia Scholastic Press Association, NSPA = National Scholastic Press Association)

2013-14 (Editor-in-Chief:  Rebecca Rusiecki)
CSPA Gold Medalist Critique with All Columbian Honors
CSPA Gold Crown Finalist

2012-13 (Editor-in-Chief:  Katie Maxwell)
CSPA Gold Medalist Critique
CSPA Gold Circle Awards
-3rd place (Non-fiction Interview for Digital Media) – Katie Maxwell, Renee Miedlar
-3rd place (Photo and Audio Slideshow for Digital Media) – Christine Vassos
-1st place (Comics and Cartoons) – Carey Torres

NSPA Online Pacemaker Award
NSPA First Class Ranking with Two Marks of Distinction

2011-12 (Editor-in-Chief:  Alleigh VandeMerkt)
NSPA First Class Ranking

2010-11 (Editor-in-Chief:  Bradley Wilson)
NSPA All American Ranking with Four Marks of Distinction

2009-10 (Editor-in-Chief:  Jette Pleasant)
NSPA Online Pacemaker Award
NSPA First Class Ranking with Three Marks of Distinction

Clarion first began entering its digital newspaper for NSPA critique and contests in 2009-10.
Clarion first began entering its digital newspaper for CSPA critique and contests in 2012-13.

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