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Seniors Say Goodbye 2020

Each year, Clarion provides its graduating seniors with an opportunity to say goodbye to their time at RB and to their time as members of the Clarion staff. I do not typically express my thoughts publicly about each graduating class of Clarion seniors, but this year I feel compelled to do so quite simply because I could not say the following things to them in person. This was a special year for Clarion, and the seniors on our staff and in our leadership positions are due the lion’s share of credit for how our year moved along. While we were in school and leading what we now know was a “typical” life as a high school journalism staff, I watched the students below lead their fellow staff with empathy, kindness, and purpose. I would share specific examples, but quite frankly, there are far too many of them to choose a representative sample. They were consistent in their care for our paper, for our program, and for each other. When RBHS was forced to move out of the building and online, the entire staff of Clarion – not just the seniors – rose to the challenge. While our meetings were now in a virtual space, their genuine compassion for one another and their drive to document this unique time in history were real and ever-present. To our graduating seniors, I believe I speak for the entire staff of the Clarion when I say we will miss you and your voices and your unique perspectives. You made us better. I am proud to have gotten the chance to know you all, and please know you will always have a home at Clarion.

– Mr. Helgeson

Greg Boswell
Mia Donnamario
Madi Heninger
Kenna Howorth
Casey Jones
Taylor Kosiak
Rahim Kouferidji
Seymone Russell
Shalah Russell
Sarah Strubbe

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