Dungeons & Dragons

February 19, 2014

Dungeons & Dragons, iconic for being the nerdiest board game out there and the punchline to tons of jokes, is something that really shouldn’t be joked about like it is. It’s truly great and any offline gamer that hasn’t tried it, which won’t be many, needs to as soon as possible.

D&D, as most refer to it, is a game where literally anything can happen depeneding on just the roll of the dice so you’ll never end up having the same experience twice. Your Dungeon master controls everything that happens depending on the decisions you make and the roll of a twenty sided dice. So lets say you decide to steal an item from a shop you’re in, if your DM, which is just short for dungeon master,  rolls the die and gets a one that means you wont steal it but will also probably be attacked by the shopkeeper or arrested but on the other hand if he rolls a 20 you would probably steal the item but the shopkeeper sees and is intimidated and lets you take whatever you want with no punishment. It’s all centered around chance and the roll of the dice.

Also the characters you have. Characters are created by a person for themselves however they want so its really meant to be an extension of you. You name your character, pick his race, class, and allegiance, and then run him through the starting set adventure which builds your character as you go. For instance my character is a Dwarf race, fighter class, and neutral allegiance and it fits me perfectly. Each character is unique and plays into the game dynamics in very huge ways.

Another reason the game is great is that it’s easy to learn how to play. The rules are very loose and the ones that are set in place aren’t hard to follow at all. I can be taught to and be played in about an hour for a person. Having easy rules and the ability to also set your own custom rules to fit your group of adventurers really adds unique elements to an already awesome game.

Overall, if you haven’t played D&D and you’re an offline gamer, the time has come that you need to. D&D is the foundation for so many fantasy games, online and offline, out there today. When you play, you’re  playing in a huge part of fantasy gaming history and who doesn’t love a game where you can live out everything you’ve ever wanted to do all in one afternoon?

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