Hannah Pecis

April 3, 2014

I think that gun control is an important topic that needs to be taken seriously. I do not think it is ever acceptable for any person, other than law enforcement, to carry a gun in public. There are far too many unstable people who have access to guns in our society. This has been proven through the growing number of school shootings over the past number of years. In our society, children fear shootings, and that is a vastly different climate within schools than there has been in the past.

Though I do believe that carrying a concealed weapon in public should not be acceptable, I do not think that banning all ownership of guns is the answer to the problems facing our society. Ownership should be allowed, but more extensive restrictions should be put in place. I think that the background checks for those looking to purchase guns should be more extensive and the police should be informed of where are guns are owned in their neighborhood. There is no clear answer to solve this problem of gun violence in our society but there are ways to make it more reasonable.

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