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April 8, 2014

I look for characters with power and strategy. The characters I think would be a great addition are Skullkid from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Mewtwo of Pokemon.

SkullKid would be an amazing character to be added in the game. He is slick, creepy, powerful and really rad! With Skullkid in the new game, I could defeat anyone who challenges me. His special move can be him sort of summoning Majora’s power through the mask into a sphere of power and energy like Samus, The Bounty Hunter from Nintendo’s Metroid series, does. His special combo moves can be variations from him being able to teleport, possibly summon little Puppets, and maybe even attacking with a lantern that sets his enemy aflame! He would be an amazing character with much skill to add to the game.

As for his final smash attack, he could have a devastating move. He could play the trumpet Skullkid is seen with in Twilight Princess, and with that the Moon could fall down in a big portion of the screen leaving players some chances to escape a deadly KO. Skullkid should be added because he fits into The Super Smash Bro’s theme of Nintendo and Zelda, he is really cool and cunning to most people that know of him, and he can have great variation in his style and moves. I think some variation could better help the Smash games and could possibly bring in more character ideas. With Skullkid some new map ideas can come too! Termina can be brought in with many ideas as to places, as well as fighting in the moon like the final areas of Majora’s Mask, and even the famous Lost Woods. If Skullkid is added to the new Smash game, he could smash things out of this world and onto the Moon!

Another character who I think has potential to make a comeback to the new game is the one and only, powerful Mewtwo! He can come back to the series and with him, I could be unstoppable again! Mewtwo was added into the Super Smash Bros series in the release of Super Smash bros Melee, possibly my all-time favorite game, and with him in the game, things were always interesting and fun. In the game, the moves he had and the strategy that could be made from them were astonishingly amazing. His special move was shooting a ball of energy from his palms, like in the Pokemon Movies he stars in, similar to some of the other characters I enjoy like Samus. He could charge it up and fire it at his opponent’s to blast them away! Another one of the moves he had was his ability to teleport very quickly in the direction of the players choice if mastered. I took on the task of mastering this move along with Mewtwo’s others and it was really cool and useful. With Mewtwo’s quick movements and powerful moves, he always made my Super Smash Bros experience fun and interesting. If he was brought into the new game and changed up a bit things would always be surprising for me and my foes! I could once again, take things to the second level!

So the four of us do have different views on returning and new characters. We so far know twenty four of the new lineup and hopefully our characters make the cut once the game is released. It’d be great to have such variety and get to experience new characters with new movesets and see who has the better skills to become the ultimate brawler.

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