Senior Goodbye: Lauren Grimaldi

May 22, 2014

Senior Goodbye:  Lauren Grimaldi

I’m not a sentimental person. And sitting here writing out my feelings about my four years of high school is a difficult and weird task for me. I mean, how can you summarize four years of your life into a couple paragraphs? I don’t want to make this farewell sappy because that just wouldn’t be true to who I am.

Well, it’s easier for me to look ahead to the future. I couldn’t be more excited for college. I’m going to be studying journalism and political science. I feel like my time on The Clarion has given me some good experience to what will hopefully later become my career.

I would, however, like to take this opportunity to thank all of my teachers. Thank you for what you do and thank you for helping me get a great education. I’d especially like to thank Mr. Yurek and Ms. Harsy.

Mr. Yurek helped me become a better math student and really worked hard to help me out with whatever I needed. I’m so grateful to have had him as a teacher for three years.

Ms. Harsy was my teacher for English my sophomore and senior year. Both of those years she helped me become a better writer, reader, and thinker. I’m so happy to have been taught by her for two years.

Alright, well maybe that part was a bit sappy. But overall, I’m really excited to be leaving high school behind. I’ll always remember my time here. While I’m almost a hundred percent sure I can say I won’t miss it, going to RB has afforded me many oppurtunities that I may not have had elsewhere.

When I walk across the stage on May 23, it’ll feel so surreal. This part of my life will be over and that’ll be a huge change. I’ve thought about that feeling for four years and it always made me so excited. And now that it’s here I’m still happy, but it’s a very weird feeling to know that this is all over.

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