Senior Goodbye: Jimmy Nolter

May 19, 2015

Senior Goodbye: Jimmy Nolter

For the short time that I have been at RB, I have met many people, learned many lessons, and had fun.

Ultimately, though, the lessons that I learned were not in the classroom, but with the students.  I can honestly say that I am glad I went to RB.  The teachers are awesome, and I met all different kinds of students.  The people here are great to be around, students and teachers alike.

I learned the most by taking all AP’s.  It was not easy.  There were many long nights with no sleep, but I had help from many different students.  Kids are not just in it for themselves.  They will help others in any way they can.  The atmosphere at RB is a rare one.

If there is any one thing I will miss, it is sports.  I have participated in sports for three out of my four years, and focused on academics in my senior year.  I played a variety of sports – football, wrestling, and cross country – and learned an important lesson about what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

RB was a good platform to acquire the skills necessary for college.  I will miss writing for Clarion, surely, but I know that college will be another amazing life experience.

To all of you that I befriended, farewell and enjoy the next chapter of your lives.  It’s going to be fun seeing where you all end up.

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