How the school year started vs. now: Students reflect on the first half of the school year

December 13, 2016

The 2016 – 2017 school year at Riverside Brookfield is halfway complete. A lot of things can change in four months when you spend most of your days in a learning environment. The start to a new school year can be tough or surprisingly pleasant.

The transition from one grade level to another can be rough at first, especially if your mind is still stuck on summer. For most students, summer is an escape from all academic work and time for relaxation.

“The beginning of the school year was alright, but I was sad that summer came to an end,” said sophomore Leah Rettke.

Summer is only one of the few adjustments students at RB have to face. Coming into the school year can be difficult if you are not prepared for a rigorous academic schedule.

“It was interesting to see my classes this year from last year in comparison to difficulty,” said sophomore Maddie Meehan.

Students can reflect on their past years at RB not only academically, but also in terms of extracurriculars. In any extracurricular activities, time and commitment are the most important responsibilities a student has.

“I’ll be spending most of my nights studying, although I am dedicated to basketball,” said Meehan.

Entering a new school leads to new people and friendships. One great thing about RB is the diversity within students.

“I met new people and it feels good to expand me relationship with different people,” said Rettke.

New people in your life will make you reflect on topics that you are not aware of that maybe the other person is educated on. The school year will always be changing because many students are changing as the year progresses.

“I got to meet a lot of new people and I was really challenged in learning things I haven’t talked about before,” said Meehan.

At this time of the year, students are waiting for winter break and also dreading semester one finals.

“I’m feeling very stressed for finals, but I plan on studying for all of my exams,” said Rettke.

At this point in the year students can think about how to prepare for next semester and even next year. Students at RB can reflect on previous years for guidance and memories.

“I will be able to take my study habits I acquired this year and move them to the intense course I picked out for next year,” said Meehan.

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