Reflecting RBHS: History of RB

December 13, 2016

As time goes by RBHS is filled with various types of people. Throughout the years, the school, staff, and students have all changed.

Former students could not wait to leave high school and never look back. However, some love RB so much they have decided to come back and work here.

Mary Todhunter, an AV associate/media production specialist, went to Riverside Brookfield High School all four years and graduated in 1971. Todhunter was a cheerleader who was busy and involved with school activities almost every single day after school.

“When I went here, there were about five girls on the cheer team and for poms there was about fifty something girls,” said Todhunter. Today, there are about twenty girls on the cheer team and about fifteen girls on poms.

With time, sports, clubs, and people change. Different types of hobbies and activities have come and gone, but one thing that has stayed the same at RBHS is it’s love for being active, involved, and friendly.

“I would say that almost everyday after school, everyone in school was involved in a sport or club,” said Todhunter.

Students from the past were always busy, and their days were filled with homework, responsibilities, friends, and especially sports and clubs just like students of the present.

However, for the girls there were not many options for them to do. The girls sports teams were not allowed to participate in competitions, they had the G.A.A. (Girls Athletic Association.) Now girls are allowed to participate in all sports allowed at RBHS.

For example, the cheerleaders would only cheer at school games. Now, the cheer teams, varsity and junior varsity, travel to different high schools to compete and win high titles. Girls and boys now have equal rights to do the same activities.

There are many ways for students of all grades to spend their free time. In the 1970’s, RB would have a popular band come and perform for students and faculty.

“Once we had a band, The Turtles, and it was very fun. Almost every week there was a sock hop, and bands would come and play music and we would hang out with friends,” said Todhunter.

A former student at RBHS, Geoff Tillotson, a para-educator, graduated in 1963. During this time there were a lot of gangs in Riverside.

“We were not allowed to wear blue jeans in school because they were associated with gangs. Instead boys usually wore khakis, girls wore dresses, and no one ever wore shorts or sandals no matter what the season,” said Tillotson.

Tillotson said he was not very interested in school related activities, but had a job at the Grilet.

“It was the spot to eat at. I had various jobs. I was a soda jerk and I also worked the grill. It was also the spot to work at, everyone would try to work there,” said Tillotson.

Spending time with friends and having fun seems to have stuck with RB as time has passed. There are many clubs at RB that provide the same spirit as sock hops and listening to music.

High school is one of the most memorable times of one’s life. Although the students and staff may have changed, there are still many things to discover here at RBHS.

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