Seniors Reflection: On their time at RB

December 13, 2016

Most people at Riverside Brookfield could agree that the way they are now is nothing like they were when they were first starting off at the school. Those who have been here longer have had more of an opportunity to grow over the years. Halfway through their final year in high school, RB’s seniors in particular are beginning to reflect back on their time at this school and the changes it has caused within them.

“Middle school to high school is a huge jump,” said senior Gianni Segarra. “I had a really good freshman year; there were some bumps in the road but I really enjoyed it. I was experiencing a lot of new things.”

As many would agree, coming into a new school where you don’t know as many people can be nerve-racking.

“I remember being really nervous,” said Sarah Brom, another senior at RB.  “Everything was unknown and it was kinda scary.”

Throughout several years of high school, many things can happen, both good and bad. Everyone has different experiences that could affect them and ultimately impact who they are.

“The process of gaining and losing friends, that will change you as a person; I know that I’ve grown a lot losing certain friends and I’ve gained a lot of experiences and knowledge of the world around me just with being introduced to new people,” said Segarra.  

Throughout the years of being at a school with so many people, it is inevitable new people will be met and relationships will be made.

“Meeting a bunch of new people with different backgrounds [who] like different things has helped me become more open to trying new things and more accepting and understanding of other people,” said senior Zach Mieczkowski.

All the opportunities high school has to offer will have positive impacts on people over the years.

“I’ve become more confident in myself and everything that I’ve done and I’ve made a lot more friends and grown in the way that I choose my friends and the people that I spend time with,” said Brom.

Things aren’t always going to be easy, and throughout time everyone is bound to experience some hard times and negative influences, just like RB’s seniors have over the years.

“Life is not always gonna be easy and the things that you face are gonna require a lot of perseverance and hard work to get through,” said Mieczkowski.

Despite the hardships that people experience from time to time, there are lessons that can be learned even from the negativity.

“There have been some negative people who have come through RB, but that has showed me how to be the bigger person,” said senior Lyndsey Hoyd.

Along with the bad times, and even more so, there have been good memories for those who have gone through RB, especially those who were involved in clubs and sports, doing things they love with people who share similar interests.

“I’m the head choreographer on poms, so that gave me responsibility to choreograph and be a leader,” said senior Kaileen Gilhooley.

Besides sports, RB offers many clubs that the students can get involved in.

“I’ve had really positive experiences here,” said Mieczkowski. “Being in Best Buddies was a really cool thing. I got to make relationships with people I might not have otherwise had it not been for that club. As far as accepting others and seeing people for who they are, that club helped me a lot.”

Our seniors would not have become who they are today without help from others at this school, especially the teachers.

“Mr. Monti has helped me with test taking and Mr. Jensen helped me with… everything,” said Gilhooley.

“With Mr. Bonarigo, it started off kind of [as a] weird relationship, but then through the years I’ve had him, he’s always helped me out with anything I needed,” said senior Patrick Goodwin.

The teachers at this school have had a huge impact on the lives of the students that have come through this school. Many have them have formed really strong bonds with their students.

“My freshman year English teacher, Mrs. Cassens, was really good at being a mother figure in school and she kind of made me feel at home,” said Brom.

After having been through it all and gaining the knowledge and experience, our seniors know what they need to have a good high school experience.

“Get involved, do as much as you can, and don’t take it for granted. It goes by really fast,” said Hoyd.

Besides taking advantage of the time you have at the school, it’s also important to do well academically.

“Have confidence in yourself no matter who you are and seek as much help as you can from any of your teachers; your grades are more important than anything,” said Goodwin.

Even long after they’ve left high school, RB’s seniors know they’ll never forget their time here and how the experiences they’ve had affected them.

“I’ve had some of the funniest and best times of my life in the school,” said Goodwin.

After meeting so many people throughout the years, the memories made with them will definitely be remembered.

“I’m always going to remember the relationships I had with the people that I met whether it’s coaches teachers or other students,” said Mieczkowski.

Everything that these students have taken from high school will be with them throughout their lives. All the knowledge they’ve obtained as well as the experiences they’ve gained will help them as they begin their future.

“Aside from all the knowledge I’ve gained, I will definitely remember the memories from class and all the people I’ve met and my teachers who have prepared me for my future,” said Hoyd.

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