David Richardson

David Richardson served in the army and the national guard. He met a 4-star General and received a special coin from him.

“I set up the communication for the national guard by giving the general my opinion on it,” Richardson said. “The enemies had connection to our communication. We decided to use walkie-talkies and the enemies never picked up a word.”

During the army, Richardson had 22 and a half jobs, including helping with the Mississippi Flood, serving in Mattoon, IL, and taking survival training.  He likes working with computers and technology the most.

“My favorite job in the army is when I fixed the payroll. They wanted me to do it because I’m good at math,” said Richardson.

Richardson was in a unit where everyone had a degree. They helped him advance his skills in a technology.

“I had the most creative unit. Everyone had a degree,” said Richardson.

David’s daughter previously graduated from RB. He and his family currently live in North Riverside, IL.

“I retired a while before 9/11/2001. They wanted me to go back once that incident happened,” Richardson said.


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