Me and Nick laughing at a joke he just made at a choir concert


Choir would not be as fun without Nick. The Chicago Children’s Choir has a demanding schedule that’s hard to keep up with. But Nick is without a doubt one of the reasons why I make it through the day.

We first met last year. We were both new members in the top ensemble of the CCC, the Voice of Chicago. We connected right away. But never would I have thought that his mere presence would make such a big impact on me.

The first time we met, he immediately made me laugh so hard, my sides hurt. I kept in mind that I should hang around him more often. And ever since, he has never failed to make me laugh.

One of my favorites of our inside jokes was when we were learning some show choir choreography to the song of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. After successfully completing a section of the song, I was exhausted. I felt like my bones were gonna fall out. I quoted the song’s first lyrics, “I got this feeling inside my bones.” Without missing a beat, Nick responded with, “It’s called arthritis.” That was one of our first bonding moments.

Due to us being in different grade levels, I truly am going to miss him when I graduate and go to college. But the memories I have with him, and will continue to make with him, I am forever grateful for.

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