Food & Second Chances

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that may not be thought of that much – people usually just skip to thinking about Christmas right after Halloween when they really should appreciate what Thanksgiving means. It’s about giving thanks for what you are most grateful for, whether it’s family, friends, relatives, or siblings.  Usually, whenever someone asks me what I’m grateful for, I use the most common answer used  and that is ”my family,” or parents which is true, But this year I’m thankful for two more things: food everyday and every second chance I’ve been given in my life.

Food because sometimes I imagine not having food like some people around the world and how  messed up it would be without food on the table every day. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go  even a week with barely eating or drinking anything. Me and my family are lucky to have food on the table and good food. Also, we are lucky to have water since many people in the world have to drink filthy water and get themselves sick so they don’t die of thirst.

I am thankful for every second chance I’ve gotten as well. Whether it was in a past life or with  something like school work, I’m lucky I am able to get help with things or given opportunities to fix  mistakes or save myself during deadlines or when my grades are going to kill me. I am thankful to be  able to retake tests or do extra credit.

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