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I’m grateful for the holidays! With the holidays come movies, music, festivities, family, and friends. Holidays make everything fun and give you something to look forward to. Holidays are comforting and full of so many other things that come with it to be grateful for. I’m grateful for Halloween, for the crunchy leaves and chilly air and dark colors and spooky movies and pumpkin patches with friends. I’m grateful for Thanksgiving for the final weeks of appreciating autumn, for the good food and family, and for the friendsgivings.  I’m grateful for Christmas, for the crunchy snow and the crisp air and bright lights, for the jolly music and the feeling of going into a warm house after you’re freezing, and the family gatherings and the presents. I’m grateful for New Years Eve for the countdown and the start of a new beginning and waiting for the cold snow to disappear. I’m grateful for Valentine’s Day and the soft colors and the Valentine’s cards and chocolate, the love people give, and the end of winter going into spring. I’m thankful for the small summer holidays that still call for barbecues and fireworks and pools.

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