Wild Life leaders in Wisconsin for Fall Weekend

Young Life

Young Life is an organization which brings kids a little closer to each other and God. I joined Young Life freshman year and have been involved ever since. I am thankful for Young Life because it has affected my life in so many ways. I started out as just another kid at Young Life sitting in the back just trying to fit in, but by the sophomore year I was outgoing and really getting involved. Over the summer I went on a trip to Colorado where I not only had the time of my life but I also became so much closer to my friends and to God. This year I got the amazing opportunity to be a Wild Life leader. Wild Life is almost the same as Young Life but it is for the middle schoolers to be apart of. As a leader I got to go on amazing trips to places like Wisconsin and Michigan. Being a leader is a huge commitment but it is so worth it, seeing how close the kids gotten with God and with each other. I am grateful for Young Life and Wildlife because it brought me closer to God and it gave me the chance to pass that on and help younger kids get involved.

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