Musical Instruments

For this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for music. To make it specific, I am thankful for the amount of instruments in my house, and learning to play those, especially learning to play the guitar from my dad, and my private teacher. I first started to play the guitar on my own in the year 2013. I knew nothing about how to play it, but as the months passed, my dad taught me the strings, some basic chords like D, A, E, and G. Teaching me how to solo, the different pedals, and scales. My father also turned me onto a bunch of different bands such as Black Sabbath, Cream, Thin Lizzy, Yes, Pink Floyd, and many more. Also, I learned to play the bass by myself. I took piano when I was younger, then my parents bought an actual piano that I play from time to time. Every time I wonder what it would be like without my instruments, without my guitar, and I’m thankful for having the gift of music. I’m not the only one who plays instruments in my household. My sister plays the guitar, cello, and piano, and my father plays the guitar and harmonica. I have other things that I’m thankful for, such as my family, my friends, and my life, but music really stands out as something that I love and am thankful for every day.

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