Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs


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My hands stretched across the piano keys as they move quickly, looking like a crawling spider. The music echoes throughout my house which causes my family to yell at me to stop with the noise… but I can’t. Whenever I am bored of watching TV or need a break from homework, I go straight to my old piano, passed down from my grandmother. Without this instrument my appreciation for music would be completely changed. Either learning popular songs or sticking with the classics, such as Chopin and Beethoven, I spend hours playing this instrument, even though it only feels like minutes have gone by. There is something special about creating music that can’t be replaced anywhere else. That feeling when a song finally comes together after hard work is magical. The piano is such a beautiful instrument. Almost any song can be played on this one instrument due to the wide range of notes and chords. Although frustrating at times, my piano is what occupies me when I need to take time to relax. Whenever I am feeling a wave of stress piling over me, I go straight to my piano to relax. Without my piano, I would be unable to fully express my artistic abilities.

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