People already might believe that having a twin is interesting. However, I think the the fact that my twin sister, Seymone, was supposed to be a boy, is way more interesting. Before we were born, the doctor correctly pronounced myself as a female. However, all the way up until a few weeks before my mother’s due date, everyone believed she was going to be a male. I find it even funnier that her name was supposed to be Simon. It has become sort of an inside joke between my family members. We often call her Simon to tease her because we know she hates it. I am beyond grateful to have a twin sister. It’s not that I would be unhappy with a twin brother; having a twin, regardless, is a blessing. Nonetheless, I feel we can do more with each other since we are both girls and I can proudly say that she is my other half. Ever since we were little, we have been inseparable. We literally do everything together and we didn’t stop wearing matching outfits until we were eight. Now that I think about it, for every important moment that occurred in my life, she has been right there by my side. Whenever I had no one else to turn to and I felt really down and alone, she never left. Up until high school, we even had every single class together so it was very difficult transitioning, but I think it was healthy for our relationship. We learned to lead different lives while still being inseparable in a way. I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to describe how appreciative I am to have my twin in my life, but I feel that I don’t do a good job with voicing these thoughts and I need to let her know that I am not taking our relationship for granted. Thanks for everything, Simon.

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