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RBHS freshman badminton girls compete against Shepard High School.

…from the badminton court

In 2017, I was on the freshman badminton team at RBHS, and I was very excited to be a part of the Bulldogs athletic program. Compared to other sports (i.e. football, volleyball, basketball, etc.), badminton is very unpopular at RB. Many students at RB don’t even know that the badminton team exists.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the RBHS Badminton Team:

 1)  Time Management

We practice six days a week and work really hard throughout the season, including spring break practices.

2)  Lack of School Spirits

In one of our matches, the varsity team went to an away game while the JV and freshman teams competed at a home game. We had two spectators that night, and they were two parents. No one from the team is really bothered by the lacked of attendance or school spirit; teammates and I never talk about school spirit or the number of spectators.

3) Intense workout

Badminton may seem like an easy sport, but we always have an intense pre-practice workout. You don’t even need to pay for a gym membership because you’ll be coming home with sore legs everyday.

4) If you don’t smash, you lose

When you play badminton for P.E. class, you pass the birdie until the birdie drops on the unlucky side. In a competitive badminton game, the bird won’t stop flying until you strike (smash) them into the ground. Players usually score in two minutes or less.

5) No cheering allowed

Technically you can cheer, but you can’t cheer (yelling, screaming, etc.). However, clapping is allowed. Why can’t you cheer for your friends, child, sisters, or classmate? Oh, that’s because cheering is a distraction. Yes, the player’s eyes need to be focused on the birdie, not you.

6) The varsity girls

The varsity girls practice three times harder than the freshman and junior varsity teams, also frequently ending up going home with sore legs. Not a single practice without sweat.

7) Extremely competitive

You have to make sure you try your best because you’ll never know when your rank is going to go down. But we’re just playing this sport to have fun, so who cares? The coach does, and the rest of the team is counting on you. This is an independent sport, but members still expect you to score the point for the team.

8) The opponents: especially freshman girls

The girls you will meet at the match aren’t the nicest. These girls, (usually the freshman team), think they are better than you. The drama includes eye rolls, cheating, laughing at you when you miss the birdie, giving you dirty looks, and gossiping with their friends. Remember, a good athlete doesn’t start a fight.

9) We have some serious competition

You may win every practice match, but when the time comes for an actual match? Good luck, you’ll need it…really.

10) But don’t be afraid to try

As long as you put forth your best effort, you will be fine.

Last badminton season was a really fun one, and I made many friends. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it this year due to time management, but I think everyone should try out for badminton. Even if you are a first year player—go out and try. I think this sport is extremely competitive because matches are an individual battle, but not a team sport. The team depends on you. This sport is good for any freshman who want to try something new and very athletic. The season had helped me stay in stay in shape. Badminton is a great sport, but the only problem is…no one really know that the badminton team exist.

*Opinion are my own*

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