Girls volleyball

Nick Cundari

Girls’ volleyball

…from one volleyball court

Volleyball is a fun sport to experience. You see people rejoice celebrating a score for the team or conveying their spirit for the school; however, over the years at Riverside Brookfield High School, volleyball and other events have been getting little bit of recognition or value.  

As you examine the school inside and outside, you don’t see much, but just pallid memories disappearing. As you walk into the school, you’ll possibly see some Bulldogs items or trophies, but not very much recognition. And most of the students for spirit days don’t really find any interests in participating in any events.    

As a freshman student attending RB, I still don’t know how everything functions yet. But school spirit, in my opinion, has diminished. Even I know that I didn’t really celebrate the school spirit when I’ve attended my middle school. Occasionally, I would get involved in wearing outfits for the spirit days, but I never went to any sports games or clubs during my three years there.

I feel like school spirit for all sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities is decreasing students’ power/spirit, and people are just not interested anymore. Students’ today probably don’t have the time to go to games or contribute to the school as much. Even with the spirit incentives like hero points, for example, people are indifferent towards that and find no purpose if it’s only for a little while.

People aren’t showing up for these events and the school spirit as a whole is starting to be a faded memory. I’m not highly sure if it’s the students/staff that are not contributing, or the passion for that particular event is just not captivating enough, but for some reason, RB’s passion for school spirit is depleting slowly.

Due to plethora amounts of homework, choirs, family, studying, and so on, teens can be stressed with immense pressure with all these things on their minds, and they can lose their spirit for the school and just want to graduate from high school already. So I guess that can be one factor as to why people don’t find the passion to support the school spirit.

Schools from around the country vary from how they celebrate their school spirit, and people from around the world have their own aspects and beliefs on how people should express their spirit to their school. From what I’ve learned, showing your consideration to your peers and fellow friends can improve yourself and others for the better.

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