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Alyssa Lozada

Alyssa Lozada

Alyssa Lozada is not only known for her sassy personality, but also for her great basketball skills. Lozada’s coaches and friends have seen all the progress she has made this season. Student Annalisa Cinkay is one of the many students who have helped Lozada this season with improving her skills.

“She was a little rocky at the start, but now she’s throwing it over my head and really impressing everyone,” said Cinkay.

Lozada was a little hesitant at the beginning of the season, but since she has bonded with the team more and more, she has become more outgoing and excited to play. Mary Jahnke, a retired paraprofessional here at RB, loves seeing Lozada play and is always impressed by her.

“It warms my heart to see how they have made her apart of the team,” said Jahnke.

Lozada’s distinct personality plays a huge role in the game and during practices.

“Alyssa is new to the team, so she’s a little shy, but she’s also really sassy and super excited,” said junior Shea Connelly, one of Lozada’s friends from Best Buddies.


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