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October 9, 2018

The impact of lock down and fire safety procedures have changed a lot over the years, especially at RB. Both incoming freshmen and older students are witnessing the changes in full force, and opinions are varied.

“I guess it makes me feel a little nervous, but it is a good precaution,” said freshman Roisin Maloney.

A lot of students felt nervous about the new procedures, but others supported the changes. Many students thought that it was over the top, but overall safer. 

“I guess it does make me feel safe because it has adjusted to the recent threats with school shootings,” said senior Kellie Halvey.

The new procedures for students are very different compared to their middle schools. In most middle schools, kids would turn the lights off, lock the door, and huddle in a corner. But now, the procedures are more hands on for students, seeing as how they can now throw staplers and leave the building.

“The old procedure was to lock the doors, turn the lights off and hide. I think it was ineffective,” said sophomore Gracie Garcia.

For the Fire drill, teachers have to check the hallways and then decide if it’s safe to exit the building.

“That it’s been the same for all of my life, minus the hallway thing,” said sophomore Elizabeth Kowalski.

Most students felt that it would be controversial for the procedures to stay the same.  

“Yeah, I definitely think it would be controversial. Some schools haven’t changed their procedures. It’s not necessarily a good thing to change, but it definitely needed to be addressed. Other and older procedures weren’t safe,” said Halvey.

Students at RBHS also feel as if this says something about the high school world. Most students opinions were negative.

“We can’t trust each other anymore,” said Maloney. 

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