Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs

Bridget Maher

Bridget Maher

I want to say goodbye to the good one-and-a-half years I have been on staff for this class which hosts a lot of my best memories.  I like to recall all of the late nights some of us have spent working on the hard copy, being praised for remembering to bring in food for Food Fridays, and especially all the conversations that have went down during class that usually ended up with Mr. Helgeson in a confused distress.

I remember joining Clarion because my friend had really liked it, though she ended up quitting. It’s definitely a decision I would never take back. Clarion is a place where I have been able to openly express my thoughts and opinions without judgement and that’s something that I have really cherished this year and a half, and I do plan on incorporating it into my next four years at college.

Love everybody here, and hope y’all have a great future ahead of you ! Peace out!

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