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Day #4: Friday, March 20, 2020

Me + e-learning = bad chemistry

March 21, 2020

Day four of what I’ve dubbed “corona break,” our last day of e-learning before “Spring Break,” begins exactly the same as the previous three days did. I start to stir at around 8:30 and make an attempt to get up, which ultimately fails and I fall back asleep. Okay. Take two. This time, when I wake up at 9:45 I stay awake. After making my way downstairs, I say hi to my family and get myself a bowl of Chocolate Chex, which I take downstairs, where I have set up an “office” for me to do my e-learning.

I try my hardest to get all my e-learning done quickly but run into a couple of problems: mainly, though, it’s my complete inability to understand the Honors Chemistry curriculum. I check the clock, and see that it’s 10:50, ten minutes until I have to join an online meeting with the rest of the Clarion staff. Our meeting is relatively productive, we make plans to keep this website updated through “corona break,” as well as getting some much needed human interaction.

After signing off of the meeting I shower, get dressed, and head back to my basement. At this point it’s 12:30, and my brother is sitting in my favorite chair playing PS4, and he has informed me that he isn’t gonna get off for a while, so I promptly head back upstairs. It’s at this time that I realize I forgot to finish my e-learning. I decide to ignore my chemistry lab for now, and decide to focus on my other work. I finish all of my work for AP Euro, Spanish III, Honors English and Geometry in 45 minutes and find myself face-to-face with the monster that is Chemistry. I probably would have spent a lot longer on my work for my other classes if I had spent a bit more time on an essay I had for AP Euro, but I just couldn’t force myself to spend more than 15 minutes writing yesterday. Clearly that wasn’t a great decision, as I now have to finish writing two articles today. Karma’s a bitch.

By now you may have noticed that I hate chemistry so much that I even avoid writing about it. However, just like I couldn’t avoid doing my lab yesterday, I can’t avoid writing about chemistry today. It took me a while, but I eventually figured out how to do the lab that Mr. Melquist assigned us, as well as made the scatter chart he told us to make, and place it on the page. I was relatively proud of my work, and I hope Mr. Melquist can forgive me for not adding a trend line to my chart, which I couldn’t figure out how to add.

By now it’s almost 3:00, and I get a text from my friend asking if I can hop on GTA, and I say yes. At this point it’s fair to kick Ciaran off the PS4 since he’s been playing since he woke up and should probably take a shower. I spend the next couple of hours playing “Grand Theft Auto V” with my friends, which for us, consists of getting in a police chase that would put anything you’ve seen in the movies to shame. This particular confrontation with “12,” as my friends are calling the police officers, involves us stealing a fire truck, shooting down multiple police helicopters while in an armored car with a turret on top, and finally, hijacking a helicopter which we fly to the top of a skyscraper. The chase ends when we all run out of ammunition for our guns and decide to jump off of the building rather than letting the police get us.

Now it’s time for dinner, which was deep dish pizza last night. My brother, still upset that I made him get off the PS4, now challenges me to a one-on-one game of basketball on our backyard court. As I expected it’s a relatively low scoring game, since neither of us is very good, which eventually ends when we get bored. By now it’s 7:30 and we go inside. I would continue to write more about my day, but none of it is very interesting, so I think I’ll stop now. I should probably get out of bed now and begin day 5 in quarantine.

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