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Day #6: Sunday, March 22, 2020

Shelter in place is driving me insane

March 23, 2020


A picture of my laptop with spotify open to Eternal Atake.

I’ll be honest, my mood has changed a ton during the duration of this break from school. The first day of e learning, I was just glad to be at home doing whatever I wanted. That mood lasted about a day.

I am now sitting at home, playing the same video games I have been for the past week, desperately searching for a new Netflix series to watch since I’ve binge watched every interesting looking series on the site already.

I think my family is starting to go as crazy as I am. My dad, who is always out and about, has now been forced to stay in the house, and he is doing things I never imagined him doing. Him and my mom were building puzzles yesterday. Yes, you read that right, building puzzles. I have never seen my mom build a puzzle, much less my dad!

I was thinking about going outside for a bit to get some fresh air, but then I realized it was 36 degrees and there was snow on the ground. As if this week could get any better.

Don’t get me wrong, being able to sleep until whatever time I want to and having nothing to do but lounge around all day is definitely a good problem to have, but in a way it sucks the energy out of you.

I’m really starting to miss hanging out with my friends. It’s one thing to keep in contact with them through snapchat or facetime, but not being able to see them face to face makes me feel pretty lonely after a while. When I envisioned my spring break, I was thinking about decent weather and hanging out with friends, not snow and quarantine, but hey, it goes to show how quick life can change.

I did my laundry today, and that was honestly one of the weirdest things in my life. I do my laundry all the time, but I’ve never had to do a laundry basket with nothing but pajamas and sweats. Most of the time, I wait until my laundry bin is full of clothes and then I bring it down to wash it all, but this time I had to bring it down to wash because I was out of clean, comfortable clothes to wear around the house.

This entire day has been going from playing on my computer, to listening to music, to watching netflix, and repeating that process, and I never thought I would hate doing that more than I did today. However, if quarantine is what’s going to keep us safe and help bring a resolution to COVID-19, then I’m willing to be bored for a while longer.


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