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Day #13: Sunday, March 29, 2020

I’d prefer to be on a beach somewhere warm rather than here

March 30, 2020


Hannah Sales

A paint-by-numbers project Hannah Sales has been working on while quarantined.

I’m not excited about starting up e-learning again tomorrow. It sucks that I’m stuck in the house on the last day of spring break. I’d prefer to be on a beach somewhere warm rather than here.

I woke up around 12 p.m. … yeah I know that’s kinda late but my sleep schedule has been so off due to this corona break. I went and made some Eggo waffles with my friend for breakfast. I’ve been staying with a close friend of mine due to my mom being an Uber driver and she doesn’t want to get me sick due to her job along with some other family matters. 

We’ve been kept up in the house for about three days now and we’re starting to go insane. Other than the social distancing rules we think we’ve been exposed to someone who possibly has the coronavirus. Today is the last day of the 14 day period. 

The day before everyone was put on the stay at home rule, my friend and I went and got some fun things to do like paint-by-numbers and friendship bracelets. Those have been keeping me busy but there’s still times where I just wish to go outside. 

For the last three days I’ve been doing friendship bracelets, a paint-by-number and playing Animal Crossing. I’ve been busy with all that but there is still a part of me that longs to go outside and just go for a walk. 

At around 7 p.m. my friend and I went skating. Her mom finally let us out of the house. Freedom! The wind was so strong that we could just glide with the wind at our backs. We’ve been practicing tricks to keep busy and we’re getting there slowly but surely.

Living with my friend has been such a blast, we keep each other entertained. Just doing the smallest things can make us laugh for hours on end. Or maybe that’s cause we’re losing our minds a little at a time.

Honestly I hope they extend school break, I read something today about President Trump pushing the social distancing order back to April 30th.

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