Day #17: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Every day feels the same in quarantine

April 3, 2020

These past three weeks I have gotten into such a routine that I feel like I’m Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day.

This day as every day I wake up to the sounds of my younger brother waking up at 7:30(he also has school off so I don’t know why he does this), then I close my eyes for 5 minutes and when I open them it’s 9:30 already. 

I go downstairs, pour myself a bowl of cereal and then look at the wall as I eat the cereal and try to wake up. After I finish the cereal I walk to the kitchen, put the bowl in the dishwasher, grab my chromebook, and sign in to my attendance.

I start with my first period class, P.E, I don’t really understand the point of doing e-learning for gym but I still do it by putting down short one word answers about the workout I choose for that day(which I didn’t actually do). Next is English, the assignment is writing. It takes me at least 7 minutes to get motivated enough to do the writing assignment and then another 30 minutes to write it. My next class is Spanish which i’ll do later because I don’t speak or understand even basic forms of the language. Now it’s time for algebra.

You might think that I am a great mathematician based off the fact that it only takes me about 15 minutes to do all of my algebra, but if you read into my work, which I don’t’ suggest, you’ll find plenty of errors, but at least I finished it and that’s all that really matters. After algebra I have bio, which is basically like Spanish for me because I don’t understand it at all so I’ll skip it for now. Now i’ll do my Western Civ which only takes about 15 minutes so I finish that quickly.

After I finish the majority of my schoolwork I head upstairs to shower. After my shower I make sure to put a baseball cap on my hair while it’s still wet. My reasoning for this is so that I can work on my “ched” for lacrosse season if we do go back to school that is. After that I head down to  my basement to play ps4 with my friends. I spend about 45 minutes playing “GTA V” before I switch over to “NHL 20” for another 40 minutes. 

After I’m finished playing PS4, I head upstairs and go outside. I spend about 40 minutes shooting into the lacrosse goal before I get bored of that and decide to play basketball. After about 25 minutes of playing basketball I get bored again and go back inside.

Once inside I decide it’s time for a quick afternoon nap, unfortunately I can’t control how long I sleep for so it’s either a 40 minute nap or a 3 hour one, there is no in between on this. 

Fortunately for me, this time my nap only lasts 40 minutes so I still have time to play PS4 or basketball before dinner.

After my family and I finish dinner, I decide it’s time to finish the Spanish and bio. The bio surprisingly actually isn’t that hard if I had just read the instructions the first time. The Spanish however, is extremely difficult. I tried reading the instructions but they are in Spanish so i have to go with my gut for those questions, which probably isn’t a good idea. In the end the Spanish takes about 40 minutes and is mostly just random Spanish words in a list with a period at the end.

After I finally finish all my work I sit on the couch in the basement and watch Youtube, I circle through the same channels of Barstool sports, Buzzfeed unsolved and ECD lacrosse for about 4 hours and by the time I get bored of watching it’s almost 12:00 and probably time to go to sleep.

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